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Non Travel Vaccinations and other services

Add Non travel vaccinations to your appointment notes here or use our vaccine recommendation tool to book a travel consultation.

You can also download our full price list as a PDF with details of all services that we provide in our clinics.

Please Note: When booking an appointment to discuss these vaccinations, please be aware that identification and referral documentation may be required

† Course may require TWO or more doses.
‡ Only available at certain clinics, call to check.
♦ Only available as a combined vaccination

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Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio ♦

Hepatitis A (Adult & Paediatric) †

Meningitis ACWY

Rabies †

Non Travel Vaccinations

Pneumococcal pneumonia ‡

Meningitis B (Bexsero ©) ‡ †

Shingles herpes zoster- (Zostavax ©) ‡

Combined Mumps, measles and rubella ♦ ‡ †

Influenza ‡

Chickenpox †

Human Papillomavirus 9 - valent Vaccine, Recombinant (GARDASIL 9 ®) ‡ †

Tb Tests

To Book an appointment to discuss a TB Vaccine, please contact Customer Services on 0330 100 4200 > (standard rate)

Blood Tests

Blood Group

Hepatitis A Antibodies

Hepatitis B Antibodies

HIV Antibodies

MMR antibodies (available separately)

Hepatitis B core antibodies

Hepatitis B surface antigen