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MASTA Retail Partners

MASTA is proud to partner with a select number of providers of travel health related retail products, and carries a range of items in clinic available to purchase from your nurse or pharmacist at the time of your appointment.

The specific products offered across the MASTA clinic network are outlined here with pricing. Should you wish to purchase a product not currently available through MASTA, please visit our partner websites where you can purchase direct.

lifesystems logo


British brand, Lifesystems, has protected adventurers and explorers for over 25 years against whatever the elements and fate have thrown at them. Today they work with leading expedition and emergency medical experts travelling in the world’s harshest regions. Nothing impacts a great adventure quicker than falling ill or sustaining an injury. When you’re outside your comfort zone or in an unfamiliar part of the world, the risks mount up.

These expertise are used to create a collection of outdoor medical and survival products to withstand the most extreme conditions and environments. Through constant research and scientific innovation, Lifesystems can help you survive your toughest adventures.

moskitoguard logo

Moskito Guard®

Moskito Guard® is a DEET and alcohol-free insect repellent containing the active repellent agent 20% Picaridin which is recommended by the World Health Organisation as being comparable to DEET.

Sold by British travel vaccine manufacturer Valneva UK Limited, Moskito Guard® provides up to 8 hours protection against biting insects around the world such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks which are carriers of various diseases including but not limited to Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Lyme Disease, Malaria, Tick-Borne Encephalitis, Yellow Fever and Zika.

Moskito Guard® is non-greasy and water-resistant with a pleasant fragrance. It is suitable for pregnant women and children aged 24 months and over.

More information on Moskito Guard® can be found by visiting

pureHydration logo

Pure Hydration

Whether going overseas on a vacation, for work, or to visit friends and family abroad, maintaining adequate hydration levels and avoiding illness from disease causing pathogens in local outdoor water sources, tap water, and bottled drinking water supplies will be two of the most important factors in determining your health on your next trip.

The professional choice in travel medicine, Pure Hydration’s aquapure traveller™ offers cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, advanced personal drinking water purification using Mechanically Advanced Disinfection (M.A.D.®) technology, proven to exceed international standards for protection against harmful microbiological (bacteria, viruses, cysts) and chemical (heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs) contaminants in water.

craghoppers logo


Craghoppers has been leading the way in travel and outdoor adventure clothing for over 50 years. With key innovations and technologies engineered to keep you protected, Craghoppers is a reliable go-to for any travel pursuit.

The world leader in Outdoor and Adventure trousers, one of Craghoppers’ most successful innovations is NosiLife – a lightweight travel clothing collection with permanent insect repellency built in, protecting you from all types of biting insects. A world first on the travel clothing market, this is a proven solution for any hot-climate travel.

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